Her Firefighter Boyfriend

Mar 14, 2022

Lily’s boyfriend John is a fireman. John’s work is extremely dangerous. Every time John receives the phone call, Lily’s fears may come. Once John was rescuing a child, the situation made him stay too long that he got injured and treated for half year. “I can’t be with him when he’s in danger, nor can I support him when he’s under pressure. And he dared not to make a promise to me because his job is too dangerous, and he was afraid that I might lose too much in case something happened,” said Lily.


After another narrow escape from death, Lily decided to take the step. “I am telling him that no matter what happens in the future, I am marrying him anyway.” She heard from a friend that there’s a brand called Darry Ring which holds the mission that one can only customize a DR Ring for your one & only. “He’s my one & only.” She contacted us and she wondered if we could help plan the proposal. We made her the DR diamond ring and helped with her proposal. The moment that John was proposed to, he cried, he said I’d never had this feeling before, that there's a woman is waiting for his coming home forever. The agreement they sign together is not a paper, it is a promise of supporting everything.