Guide to Buying

    Darry Ring redefines the rules of engagement ring - you can only customize a ring for your one & only love. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand the rules and how to make a purchase. If you have any questions, you can contact us by Email:


    Step 1 --------------Create a DR Account

    If you don't have an account with Darry Ring, you can choose "Create an Account ", otherwise you can directly "Sign in".

    Step 2 --------------Pick Your Love Style

    An engagement ring consists of a gem, a setting, and a band. The gem refers to the central diamond, which traditionally symbolizes classic and timeless. Darry Ring offers a huge variety of beautiful diamond styles, and we’re sure to have something that appeals to her.


    Step 3 --------------Check Out for Your Order

    Once you have selected your diamond ring style, product attributes and engraving information, click “ Shop Now ”.


    Step 4 --------------Identity Verification

    At Darry Ring, you can only customize a ring for your only love. We verify ID for each account and are bound to one's only love forever. The name must not be changed or deleted. So you must upload your passport or driver’s license or other personal ID proof and upload a personal photo for verification.


    Step 5 --------------Shipping Information

    Fill in your address information and we will deliver to your door by Express Delivery with Full-Insured.


    Step 6 --------------Pay for Your Order

    You need to confirm address information and pay for the order, we will provide an exclusive True-love-certification for you once the payment is completed.


    Step 7 --------------Sign an True-love-certification agreement

    When you sign an True-love-certification agreement, promising you will love the one to the end of your life.The agreement must be signed within 48 hours and your order can only be shipped once the agreement has been completely signed.