Registration Agreement


    DRPropose diamond ring(hereinafter referred to asDR)The ownership and operation rights of various electronic services of the website belong to DEA Co., Ltd。Users must fully agree to all terms of service and complete the registration procedure,Can becomeDROfficial users of the website。


    For useDRServices,You should read and observe《DRRegistration Agreement》(hereinafter referred to as“This Agreement”)and《DRPrivacy policy》(hereinafter referred to as“《Privacy policy》”)。Please read carefully、Fully understand the contents of each clause,Especially exemption or restrictionDRLiability clause、Terms restricting user rights、Provisions on dispute resolution and jurisdiction, etc,And separate agreements or rules for opening or using a service。limit、Exemption clauses or other clauses involving your significant rights and interests may be in bold、Underline and other forms to remind you of key points。


    Unless you have fully read、Fully understand and accept this Agreement and《Privacy policy》All terms of,Otherwise, you have no right to use itDRservice。You click“agree”or“next step”,Or you useDRservice,Or express acceptance of this agreement in any other express or implied way,It is deemed that you have read and agreed to sign this agreement。This agreement is between you andDRProduce legal effect between,Become a legal document binding on both parties。


    two、User registration

    1、User qualification:DRWebsite users must be natural persons with full capacity for civil conduct in accordance with Chinese law。Without limiting the foregoing,Our service is not to18Provided by users under one year old;If the user does not meet the above requirements,Please register carefully


    2、Account and password security

    (1)You need to provide us with your mobile phone number when registering,And set yourDROfficial website/Applet user password。You can also use wechat、Sina Weibo、QQAnd the third-party platform of AlipayDROfficial website/Applet,If you use such a third-party platform to log in,We also need to obtain your authentication information on the third-party platform to identify you。If you refuse to provide your mobile phone number,DRYou will not be able to create an account and provide services for you。

    (2)DRIt is specially reminded that you should keep your account and password properly。When you use it,Exit safely。Due to your improper storage, you may suffer from number theft or password theft,The responsibility lies with you。


    3、Data filling:To ensure the normal transaction,Users need toDRThe website provides authenticity、accuracy、Valid personal data,If there is any change in personal data,Please inform in timeDRWebsite update。


    4、Users can choose whether to accept the service of publishing service information and related information through the contact email registered by users from time to time。


    5、If the information provided by the user contains incorrect information,DRThe website reserves the right to terminate the user's qualification to use the website service。


    three、Notification transmission

    All notices sent to users can be sent through announcements on important pages, e-mail or regular letters。


    four、User privacy system

    Protecting users' personal information isDRA basic principle of。DRIn accordance with this Agreement and《Privacy policy》Specified collection、use、Save and share your personal information。The agreement does not specify the contents related to personal information protection,Should be《Privacy policy》Shall prevail。


    You are registering an account or usingDRIn the process of other services,You may need to fill in some necessary information。If the information you fill in is incomplete,May not be availableDRServices provided or restricted in use。


    DRWe will try our best to use various security technologies and procedures to establish a perfect management system to protect your personal information,To avoid unauthorized access、Use or disclosure。


    be based onDRBasic concept of,You need to pay attention:

    (1)be based onDR“Men can only customize one in their life”Basic concept and purchase rules of ,For the purpose of identity verification and transaction information verification only,We need to permanently keep your relevant information for comparing purchase records in our internal system to realize your true love commitment。If you agree with our basic concept and agree to our permanent storage when submitting the order,We will store your name permanently、ID number and purchased product model。When you ask to delete other information or apply for account cancellation,We will still store your above information。

    (2)If you agree to open when submitting the order【True love query】function,We will pass the“ID number+Account password+Mobile password”After verifying your identity, disclose whether you have purchased itDRProducts。You can turn off this feature at any time。

    five、User's account、Password and security

    1、Once the user is registered successfully,becomeDRLegal users of the website,DRWill try to protect the user name、Password security。

    2、If the user finds any illegal use of user account or security vulnerability,Please notify immediatelyDRwebsite。


    six、Modification of terms of service、Delete and service revisions

    DRThe terms of service of the website are used to provide product sales services for users,These terms may be amended from time to time、delete。Once the terms of service are changed,You will be prompted to modify the content on the important page。If you don't agree with the changes,Users can take the initiative to cancel the obtained website services。If users continue to enjoy the website service,It is deemed to accept the change of service terms。DRThe website reserves the right to modify or interrupt the service at any time without prior notice to users。DRThe website exercises the right to modify or interrupt the service,Not responsible to users or third parties。



    User inDRThe following terms and conditions must be observed when purchasing items on the website:

    (1)The user shall be responsible for the user's useDRThe services on the website and the purchase of goods shall comply with all applicable Chinese laws、statute、Regulations and local legal requirements。The user must also ensure that the user complies with all provisions of this user agreement and privacy policy and all other terms and rules incorporated into the above documents。

    (2)The price and availability of products are increasingDRIndicated on the website。Such information is subject to change without notice。The prices of goods include VAT。The delivery fee will be settled separately,The cost varies according to the delivery method selected by the user。If something unexpected happens,After confirming the user's order,Due to the price increase of suppliers,Price change caused by tax change,Or due to the error of the mall on the website, the commodity price changes,The user has the right to cancel the user's order,And hope users can timely notify by e-mail or telephoneDRCustomer service department。Goods ordered by users,If out of stock occurs,The user has the right to cancel the order。

    (3)DRThe website will try its best to ensure that the goods purchased by users are consistent with the prices published on the website,However, the price list and statement do not constitute an offer。DRThe website has the right to find the obvious error or shortage of products and orders displayed on its website,Unilateral withdrawal of any order。

    (4)Based on our purchase rules,DRThe website will reserve the right to limit the quantity of products ordered,That is, you can only buy one diamond ring in your life,Repeat purchase is not supported。While placing an order,Users also acknowledge that they have reached the legal age for purchasing these products,And will be responsible for the authenticity of all information provided by the user in the order。



    DRThe website will deliver the products to the delivery address specified by the user。All inDRThe delivery time listed on the website is the reference time,The reference time is calculated according to the inventory status、Normal processing and delivery time、Estimated based on the delivery location。


    nine、End of service

    1、User orDRThe website can interrupt one or more website services at any time according to the actual situation。DRThe website does not need to be responsible to any individual or third party to interrupt the service at any time。The user has objections to the subsequent modification of the terms,Or rightDRDissatisfaction with the service of the website,May exercise the following rights:

    (1)Stop usingDRWeb services of the website。

    (2)announcementDRThe website stops serving this user。

    2、After end of user service,The user's right to use the website service shall be suspended immediately。from that time on,The user has no rights,DRThe website also has no obligation to transmit any unprocessed information or unfinished services to users or third parties。


    ten、user management

    1、Users must follow:

    (1)When transmitting technical data from China, it must comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations。

    (2)The use of website services shall not be used for illegal purposes。

    (3)Do not disturb or confuse website services。

    (4)Comply with all website agreements for using website services、regulations、Procedures and practices。

    2、Users are solely responsible for publishing content。The user's use of the service is based on all applicable toDRNational laws of the website、Of local laws and international legal standards。

    3、The user must promise not to transmit any illegal data、Harassing、Slander、Abusive、Intimidating、Injurious、Vulgar,Obscene information。in addition,Nor can users transmit any information that abets others to commit a criminal act;Information that contributes to domestic disadvantages and involves national security cannot be transmitted;Do not transmit anything that does not comply with local regulations、Information on national and international laws。

    4、Unauthorized access to other computer systems is prohibited。If the user's behavior does not comply with the above-mentioned terms of service,DRThe website will make independent judgment and immediately cancel the user service account。Users should bear legal responsibility for their actions on the website。If the user isDRSpread and spread the reactionary on the website、Pornography or other information that violates national laws,DRThe systematic records of the website may be used as evidence of users' violation of the law。


    eleven、Limited liability

    1、DRHave the obligation to ensure the normal operation of the website technically,Try to avoid service interruption or limit the interruption time to the shortest time,Ensure the smooth progress of trading activities on the user's website。However, if due to force majeure or other reasonsDRThe website crashes or cannot be used normally due to uncontrollable reasons, resulting in the failure to complete transactions on the website or the loss of relevant information、Records, etc,DRNo responsibility;Any user toDRProvide error、Incomplete、The service on the website cannot be used normally or suffer any other loss due to false information,General andDRirrelevant。

    2、DRFor any direct、indirect、accidental、Special and consequential damages are not liable,These damages may come from:Improper use of website services,Illegal use of website services or changes in information transmitted by users, etc。These behaviors can lead toDRDamaged image,thereforeDRThe possibility of such damage is raised in advance。


    twelve、Intellectual property declaration

    DRCopyright related to the website services provided、patent right、trademark、Trade secrets and any other ownership or rights,All belong toDRAll;Non menstrualDRConsent of,No one or user is allowed to download without authorization、copy、transmission、Adaptation、edit、Disclosure of relevant copyright、patent right、trademark、Infringement of trade secrets and any other ownership or rights,Otherwise, it shall bear all legal liabilities。The mall on the website has the ownership of any data information generated in the process of providing website services to users and stored in the mall server on the website。


    thirteen、Applicable law and jurisdiction

    Users andDRThe contract between will be governed by the laws of the people's Republic of China,Will resort to all disputesDRDomicile: Shenzhen Luohu District People's court,The court is the competent court。If occurDRWhen the terms of service conflict with the laws of the people's Republic of China,These provisions will be reinterpreted in full accordance with the provisions of the law,Other terms still have legal effect and influence on users。



    1、If the information given by the user is untrue,Or user utilizationDRWebsites engaged in illegal activities,All legal responsibilities shall be borne by the user,DRAt the same time, it also reserves the right to investigate the legal responsibility of users through legal channels。

    2、Users have fully read and understood the above terms before placing an order,And willing to bear relevant responsibilities。