Our Beginning
It all started in 2010, when people were carried away by the emerging temptations in life and started to doubt true love. We decided to make it count when two lovers woo; we wanted to sweeten up the relationship by encouraging lovers to challenge themselves to a life-long promise. Not necessarily a great growth strategy, but we have always adhered to our principles since the day we launched: one can only buy a ring for the only love. It is a practice of true love and an expression of determination. In a decade, more than one million couples chose us and told their love stories, proving that true lovers are not rare species. At DR, we are devoted to being a witness to your life-long true love, because we're in it for a lifetime, too.
Darry Ring company Darry Ring company
Our Mission
At Darry Ring, our mission is to be a supporter and apostle of true love, helping create a world full of love, trust, and commitment. We are committed to creating jewelry and exclusive rings that you can feel the beauty of love by wearing.
DR diamond rings DR diamond rings
Our Approach
When we describe true love, we're always thinking: what makes it precious and worth memorizing. For us, love shall be a commitment of trust, loyalty, and duties. A sense of ceremony and actions. At Darry Ring, you can only customize a ring for your only love. We verify the ID for each account and are bound to one's only love forever. The name must not be changed or deleted. We help tie an unbreakable knot for you and your lover. We take the same approach to sale rules, management, production, and services. Before and after you place an order on DR, you have enough time to consider this solemn oath. We will ask you to sign a True-love-agreement, promising you will love the one to the end of your life. We only work with people who believe in one and only, and we don't accept cheating, bullying, or violence in a relationship or marriage. Same time, we work with designers that produce to the highest standards of craftsmanship.