What Does She Mean?

Mar 14, 2022

David always knows Amanda is the one for him. “We complement each other in a way,” said David. But he didn’t know when the significant moment it is, to propose to her, because the relationship between them had already been excellent. But Covid-19 came, many people died for it. Cities were locked down; people had to stay home. David’s beloved grandmother got the virus, and he didn’t make it to see her at last. That’s the moment David realized, “We need to express our love, in a very formal way.”


He searched on Google to find a unique engagement ring, which could represent his intense timeless love. And he found Darry Ring. He contacted us to customize a ring for him. And he proposed to Amanda successfully 2 months later, on the day of their 5th anniversary. In 2021, they finally held the ceremony, and David read and showed his true-love agreement. “I love you today, and I will always love you till the end of my life.”