David & Amanda: You are My Forever Love

Mar 14, 2022


David always known Amanda was the only one for him. “We complement each other in every way,” said David. But he didn’t know when he would propose, as their relationship was so perfect--- smooth sailing from the very first day.


Then came the pandemic; cities were locked down, families torn apart, relatives and friends sick and sometimes dying alone, relationships strained to breaking points. When David’s beloved grandmother passed away and David could not be with her, he came to a stark realization. That’s the moment David realized that he needed to express his true love to Amanda; that life is precious and he needed to protect and keep his relationship solid.


He searched the internet to find a unique engagement ring, which would represent his intense, timeless devotion. When he found Darry Ring, he knew it was right. This was the way to let Amanda know that she was his forever love, his one and only. He contacted us to customize a magnificent ring and he proposed to Amanda two months later, on the day of their fifth anniversary.


In 2021, they were married, and at the wedding David read and showed his true-love agreement.


“I love you today, and I will always love you till the end of my life.”


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